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Income Tax Registration

For Companies

Companies registered with SECP before March 14, 2018 cannot register for income tax purposes online. They have to submit the registration request and relevant documents at an Regional Tax office or Large Tax Payer Unit. 

However after march 14, 2018 when a Company gets itself registered at Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP) it automatically gets registered for Income Tax also.


In order to proceed with the registration all company directors must be registered for Income Tax purposes. The following steps are required for registration of a company.



Collect the following information

  • Incorporation Certificate of the Company;

  • CNICs of all Directors;

  • Original letter on letterhead of the company signed by all Directors, verifying the Principal Officer and authorizing him for Income Tax / Sales Tax Registration;

  • Cell phone with SIM registered against his own CNIC but not already registered with the FBR;

  • Email address belonging to the Company;

  • Original certificate of maintenance of bank account in Company’s name;

  • Original evidence of tenancy / ownership of business premises, if having a business;

  • Original paid utility bill of business premises not older than 3 months, if having a business.



Visit the relevant Regional Tax Office (RTO)/Large Tax Payers Unit (LTU)

  • Every RTO/LTU has a dedicated NTN cell which helps taxpayers register for income tax purposes.

  • A Principal officer of the company or a Authorized Tax Practitioner/Lawyer should take the above listed documents to the NTN cell himself/herself.

  • The NTN cell desk will check whether the required documents are complete and issue a token to you. You will not get a token if the documents are not complete.

  • On your token number you will go to a NTN cell computer operator/official who will input your information and scan the documents.

  • Upon completion of the registration process the official will give you an acknowledgment receipt with your NTN written on it as shown below



See what registration acknowledgement looks like
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