Income Tax Return Filing

For Salaried Individuals only

If your income from Salary is more than 75% of your total income for (Tax Year 2020), the Salary tax rates would apply to your total income. The rates of tax for salary income are lower than other rates so your remaining non-salary income will also be subject to a lower rate.

All returns are filed electronically so in order to do that you must register for e-filing with FBR. To find out how click here



The following steps will registered Salaried individuals 



Log in to IRIS

  • Go to "".

  • Enter your CNIC in the "Registration Number" field and Password in the next field

  • Press Login



Select type of return and Tax period

  • From the top menu click "Declaration button"

  • Select "Salary more than 50% and other sources -Wizard view" or Salary More than 50% and other sources - Classic view"

  • Select the tax period by clicking the "Period" on the left of the screen

  • Fill in Tax year and click the search icon

  • Select the tax year period



See how to open the return and select Tax Year after logging in IRIS



  • Fill in your Salary Amount in the window that opens

  • Always click the save button on top right corner once finished inputting amounts and moving to next sheet

  • Click the Tax Chargeable/Payment tab on the left.

  • Fill in Amounts in respective sheets (in the left menu specifically "Tax Reductions", "Tax Credits" & "Adjustable tax". Press Save before moving on.

  • Click computations tab in the left menu and click compute to see if you need to pay more tax or not

  • In case you need to pay more tax go to Step 4. Otherwise go to the verification tab and enter your verification pin that came with the password. Once you get the message "Pin verified" press the submit button. Please note that once you submit your return, you have filed it and it cannot be undone. Any changes after that can be carried out only by revising your return.


See how to open the return and select Tax Year after logging in IRIS